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Compressor Evacuation Procedure



To examine tiny hermetic as well as semi-hermetic compressor units made use of for tool as well as reduced temperature level applications, the complying with approach could be made use of to examine for interior shutoff leak. (See Number 2.).


Affix a pressure/vacuum component to a DMM as well as established the component to cm/in. Hg.

Link the component at the suction line solution port.

Shut the compressor off from the reduced side of the system by pole position the suction solution shutoff.

Run the condenser unit for 2 mins.

Shut off the condenser unit and also note the reading.

The compressor must have taken down to a minimum of 16 inches (410 mm) of Hg. If the vacuum gauge reading begins deteriorating towards 10 inches (254 mm) of Hg vacuum cleaner, the discharge shutoffs of the condenser unit might be dripping and also will possibly have to be changed. If the compressor does not draw a vacuum gauge listed below 16 inches Hg, the suction shutoffs are damaging as well as might have to be changed. If the compressor is bonded or hermetically secured and also these problems exist, a brand-new compressor is the only feasible treatment.

Care: Whenever changing a compressor with damaged shutoffs, make certain to detect the total refrigeration system prior to and also after a brand-new compressor is set up to stay clear of repetitive failings.


A clamp meter is a wonderful device for addressing electric motor mistakes, particularly meters created to precisely determine both Air Conditioning voltage and also A/C present. These meters permit present to be determined without damaging right into the electric circuit. A compressor failing is commonly brought on by an electric mistake. To inspect the condenser unit for electric troubles, get rid of the electric incurable cover as well as inspect the complying with exterior links.

1. Examine line voltage at the lots facility with the compressor off. Reduced line voltage triggers the electric motor to attract even more existing compared to regular and also might lead to getting too hot as well as early failing. Line voltage that is expensive will certainly create extreme inrush existing at electric motor begin, once more bring about early failing.

2. Inspect line voltage at the electric motor terminals with the condenser unit operating. The voltage ought to be within 10 percent of the electric motor ranking.

3. Inspect running present. The readings ought to not go beyond producer’s complete lots ranked amps throughout heavy lots durations. Reduced amps are regular throughout reduced lots problems. Extreme high current could be because of shorted or based windings, a bad capacitor, a malfunctioning beginning relay, or a sign of too much bearing tiredness.

Care: When carrying out electric dimensions on compressors with interior thermal electric motor defense gadgets that have actually been running exceptionally warm, make sure to provide the compressor time to cool before the electric examination. This will certainly enable the tool to reset to its regular placement.